A R T I S T  P R O F I L E

My first memory of making art as a kid was sketching amusing clowns in all sorts of bodily contortions. A lot of time has passed since the emergence of those clowns. As the years followed, I continued to make art in either oil, watercolor or charcoal and even took a stab at welding sculpture. But along the way, the most influential impact was following an intuition to work in abstracted form. That’s when the clowns reappeared, fascinating and amusing me, regenerating my imagination once again, while taking on abstracted forms of more mature figures. And this is when good things began to happen for me in the art world.

I garnered a lot of recognition and awards over the past 20 years from jurors, publications and local galleries. I was a resident artist for 11 years at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria Virginia. But I won’t bore you with that. My website is just a place where you can view the ever-changing passage of time through my work, both old and new. Hope you enjoy the visual journey as much as I did channeling it.

marcia dale dullum